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Ladies, and gents (if applicable), it’s time to start thinking of some Fall regimen changes. I’ve been noticing lately that some of my moisturizing products have not been so effective, namely my Luster’s S-curl. The problem being that as we transition towards the colder month, glycerin based moisturizers do a complete 180 on the hair. As humidity levels drop, glycerin based moisturizers actually allow moisture to leave the hair, rather than pulling moisture out of the air. It’s still pretty warm in Atlanta, but humidity levels have dropped from being in the high 80s to being in the 40s. So, moisture will have to be a huge part of your regimen. It would be a good idea to consider upping the number of times you M/S each day. Curly Nikki suggests staying away from humectants including honey, glycerin, panthenol, hydrolized wheat protein, and propylene glycol. I’ve heard good things about Herbal Essences’s Hello Hydration, so that may be a good one to try. I still think I have a little bit of time, but I do need to come up with a more definite plan of action to take care of my hair soon.

SN: One researcher compared indoor heat to sitting under a hair dryer for a whole entire day. Yikes! So I will definitely be investing in a humidifier, as we start to turn up the heat. 

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